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I hope you take the time to read the following carefully and with understanding.


To all of my lovely and loyal clients,


It humbles me beyond words to be able to cater to all of my beautiful heads of hair/clients.  I love and value each and every one of you. Without your support and loyalty, I would not be where I am today.


2020 to now provided opportunities for me to grow as a stylist.  I invested my time, energy and money to learn from some of the top artists and educators in the hair industry so that I can make your experience in my chair something unique and valuable.


This past year was not only a year of personal growth, but also a year of tremendous business growth. My schedule has become increasingly full and, at times, it’s difficult to schedule appointments.


Due to increased product pricing, experience/education and demand, it is necessary for me to implement a price increase on services, along with pricing revisions.  These increases/revisions will take effect on November 1, 2021.  This will allow me to spend the perfect amount of time with each client to focus on your unique needs. I also hope to make appointments more available for my clients so that you can get the dates you prefer.


For some, this pricing revision/increase may be slightly more than your budget at this time. Please know that I will gladly explain what services are attainable and help you schedule appointments that suit your budget. I completely understand that each client’s budget may not accommodate this new pricing. If that’s the case, (I truly hate to see you go) I will thoughtfully refer you to other stylists/ barbers in the area that I trust and believe, whole heartedly, will be able to make you happy and satisfied.  


I appreciate and value all of my clients.  The relationship that I share with you goes beyond the business. While I share my chair with you, you share your lives with me. For some, you have been with me since the beginning of my career.  Many of you have followed me to three locations, and the masses supported me and were the reason why I was able to retain my ENTIRE clientele when I opened The Parlor.  You came with me…even when I told you that it was primarily on-street parking!!


Grateful…does not begin to describe what I feel. I am excited for the direction of The Parlorand for myself, as an artist, to continue catering to your unique hair needs and creating the most exclusive salon experience that you all deserve.


I want to thank you for making this first year at The Parlorso rewarding.  I appreciate your loyalty and business.  Without you, this dream would not be a reality.


I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.




My updated Services and Pricing can be found on my website

Changes Regarding: Services, Policies & Scheduling




  • Specialty Blonding/Foiling & A LA CARTE Services:


“Specialty Blonding/Foiling” services, justifiably,take more time and need more hands-on attention.  Booking one-on-one appointments for these services allows me to continue to provide my current, and vastly growing, “Specialty Blonding/Foiling” clientele 

with results they not only aspire to have but trust me to achieve.


A LA CARTE services are completely separate from “Specialty Blonding/Foiling” services. The A LA CARTE is available for all other services that are not “Specialty Blonding/Foiling”. These services are priced individually.


“FAQ’s” about services CLICK HERE

  • I Will No Longer Be Handling Appointment Requests Via Text Message


Listed below I have provided how to schedule, reschedule & cancel appointments. I have also provided the attached links for each request. 

 All of these links can also be found through my website under “BOOKINGS”.


*Feel free to save them for easy access *cough, cough*


Request an Appointment

Schedule a Haircut

Cancel Appointment

Reschedule Existing Appointment



Scheduling a Blonding/Foiling/Color/ A La Carte Appointment:


All appointments for the above services will be requested through my website by 

filling out the “Returning Client Appointment Request”.


The reply to your “Appointment Request” will be responded to and communicated VIA EMAIL.  No appointment requests for these services will be responded to via text.


Request an Appointment



Scheduling a Haircut Appointment:


All haircut appointmentswill be requested & approved through my square online platform.


Schedule a Haircut


Cancelling Your Appointment:


ALL appointment cancellations should be done through the square platform. You can make cancellations up to 48-hours before your appointment. 


Cancel Appointment



Rescheduling Appointments:


To reschedule cancelled appointments, you will have to follow the above scheduling directions for the service you wish to reschedule.


If you need to Move/Reschedule a future appointment You can do so by filling out the form on my website.


Reschedule an Existing Appointment



When Texting is Warranted Regarding Appointments:

  1. Running late (view policies for terms)

  2. Cancelling/Rescheduling an appointment less than 48-hours before appointment (view policies for terms) 

  3. Emergencies

  4. If I reach out to you via text

  • POLICIES Will Now Be More Strictly Enforced.


Policies will be attached and sent via email confirmation when you book an appointment. I totally understand that sometimes life happens, and things come up (traffic, work events, illness, etc.)  All that I ask is when you can control the situation and need to reschedule, please provide a 48-hour notice.I often have a waitlist and can accommodate another client.



  • If you DO NOT confirm your appointment you will NO LONGER have the appointment


It is imperative that you confirm your appointment when you receive the appointment reminder via text/email.  If you do not confirm the appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be canceled.  


**If you do not receive the text/email confirmation from square, please let me know and I will help you get set up.



Yay! You made it to the end! I am aware that there are a lot of changes please feel free to reach out to me,

 I am here to answer any questions you have. 

  I love and appreciate all of you more than you know! Thank you again for your business and continued loyalty.

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